Now Taking Bookings for Christmas

Fancy gifting someone the gift of Contemporary, Original Art this year? At sazzart, we pride ourselves in ‘Affordable Art’ and can have a custom made canvas, or watercolour commissioned in time for Christmas.

If you are interested, please email me at


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Rainbow Drops

7.5″ x 9.5″ (per canvas) Acrylic paintings on stretched cotton canvas (edges painted, so no need to frame). Beautiful colours bleed into the silver background of this canvas, complete with silver droplets.

Rough Seascape

20″ x 16″ stretched cotton canvas, complete with painted edges. This highly textured painting sports a metallic mesh in the bottom right corner. Several layers of metallic paint make up this combination of blues, aqua and silver – with accents of pink and violet.

Heart Strings

This is an abstract acrylic painting, on stretched cotton canvas. The painting measures 8″ x 10.5″ approx. Main colours consist of blues, turquoise, cream and caramel. Small parts of the painting are textured, with small accents of silver.



24″ x 24″ Metallic acrylics on stretched cotton canvas (edges painted, so no need to frame). This painting sports a background of many shades of green, with several washes of metallic detail. The highly textured band across the middle incorporates gold mesh, with gold, copper and silver.


Violet Haze

10″ x 14″ Stretched cotton canvas, featuring acrylic paints with paper texture and mesh. An original painting – main colours are violet, lilac and purple, with accents of blue and aqua. A very striking piece.